All in and put out

That’s what you say when you play poker to bet everything you have: I’m “all in.” When you’re exhausted, you say, “I’m done in.” If you’re exhausted and annoyed, you may be done in and “put out.” If you’ve invested all you have, are exhausted and annoyed, you may have been all in, then done in, then put out. After all of that, you could be out of sorts, too.

Out and in are directional metaphors that define us in many ways. Am I part of the in crowd or on the outside looking in? Is it always better to be in than out? Wherever we are, we are in some place or out of some other place. We can’t be both at the same time, can we? Unlike right and left, with a middle, there may not be a middle between in and out. Or is there? Some of us used to have Limbo regarding after life–a place to go in the afterlife that was sort of kind of maybe and in-between place.

Is the threshold of a door between in and out? That’s so “Christabel,” isn’t it?

A beautiful burger...

I like the in and out of In-N-Out Burgers. If nothing else exists between in and out, the burger does. The burger happens between going in and going out. You order as you go in. Before you go out, the burger comes to you in all it’s burger beauty. It exists between in and out.

Now that’s something I can be all in about and never be put out over.


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