Administrators write. I mean that two ways.

I mean that in a declarative way and as an imperative, too. Perhaps I mean the second more forcefully–I’m in an imperative mood.

Administrators write. We write a lot. If I counted the letters of recommendation, the emails, the notes, the reports, papers, presentations, or proposals I wrote each year, I would be in the 10s of 1000s of words. (If only I were paid by the word, everyone would want my job as an administrator.)

I can only say that writing, as a distraction from the rigors of administration, is extremely therapeutic–as in narrative therapy. Best part: it’s cheap. So administrators out there, you should write more.

I’m working on a book about my writing as a teacher, a scholar, an administrator. And since I decided this was a grand project, I have written three letters of recommendation, a few hundred emails, one huge degree/certificate program proposal, edited 12 essays, worked on three of my own, started a review of another essay for a journal, and blogged a bit for my two classes. Lots of writing that has nothing and everything to do with the book I want to write about living a writing life.

A haiku seems apropos as I have about 1,000 words left to craft before the end of the night on Sunday for one project. I’m so meeting that deadline even with one hand tied behind my back, or if I have to write upside down, backwards, wearing an eye patch.

a day of writing,

with any kind of writing,

is a splendid day


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