Learning like a boss

You’d think after the end of the  semester, I’d let my brain rest a bit. But no. I’m all about the MOOC world. I need to learn, especially between semesters, and this is going to do it for me. A recent post on Facebook by a MOOCer mentioned that, though the class doesn’t begin for over a month, many of us are already pre-organizing into groups which will support our work in the course, when it actually begins. She suggested that if this were all she did, she’d have gotten a good deal of learning already. Right on, sistah.

So far I’ve watched videos, read blogs, followed tweets by my fellow MOOCers, and created a MOOC blog roll on this blog with some of my fellow MOOCers blogs. BUT what’s most interesting to me is all the amazing things my MOOCers are introducing me to:

And there’s so much more. Way more. A ton more.

But more than the tools and links to think-o-ramas–which are righteous, dude–it’s the people who rock. I’m already recognizing names–the active folks who are leading the pre-organization charge. I like them. I like the way they are sharing and talking and writing. There are experienced tweeters, bloggers, teachers, humans, trainers, learners, even experienced MOOCers some of them–so many with so much talent and a clear and unrelenting desire to learn.

If you're mind isn't blown by the MOOC community, then you're not doing it right.

If your mind isn’t blown by the MOOC community, then you’re not doing it right.

Then there is the fact that they all really care about including others in the pre-org process. They are helpful and encouraging to those who are new to all of everything, from the only slightly-knowledgeable, to the online–but not MOOC-savvy–veterans. One posted this image (right) to help us feel not-too-awful about the overwhelmy-ness of being in this potentially HUGE community.

They make me want to learn like a boss. But because of them, I might already be learning like a boss. Before I decided to name this post “Learning like a boss” I checked out Know Your Meme’s history of this phrase and various memes generated with these words. Hilarious. I had no clue where it had come from, though I’d heard it plenty from friends on Facebook: studying “like a boss”; grading papers “like a boss”; passing this class “like a boss”; teaching “like a boss”–shoot, I might have used it a time or two without knowing its origins. NOW I think it’s funnier than before. There’s a .gif of Pinnochio smoking a cigar… with the caption: “Like A Boss” (see static image below).

I love it like a boss.

No matter how questionable the taste of the original SNL skit (and it’s a little dicey), the phrase is really working for me in terms of understanding the MOOC pre-org movement. Those who really want to learn, to connect, to network, to learn–they’re on it. They are participating already–like a boss. I’m so digging this life-long learning thing I see happening. So glad to drop into each day and see folks investing and thinking and communicating. Totally loving it.

Like a boss.

Pinnochio: smoking like a boss.

Pinnochio: smoking like a boss.



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2 responses to “Learning like a boss

  1. Hi, Elizabeth. I really enjoyed your blog and am looking forward to reading about your experience in this grand experiment. We are creating “digital cultures” as we speak :).

  2. We ARE creating digital cultures as we speak. I’m really impressed by all of us who have bonded already and started pre-learning. I think we’ll have so much more fun learning together because we’ve already been introduced. I wonder if the MOOC organizers have (or will gather) data about whether students who connect before a course begins are more likely to complete the whole course. We’ll find out, won’t we! 🙂

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