I’m wishing on a wall

Okay. I got this. I’m an andragogical learner, just like my friend Amy said. I knew she was right the minute she said it. I’m an adult learner motivated by things that go way beyond the pedagogical, but I don’t abandon the need to be guided by an expert or peers. I thrive on collaborative learning.

The MOOC is working for me at this point, at least the early investment part of it. I’m picking up what my peers are putting down, and I’m digging it all.

Here is what I’m seeing around me in the MOOC that I’ve decided to invest in as a student: a whole bunch of andragogical learners–adult learners–who are in it to win it. One of the great things about being intensely motivated is that you tend to see others who are doing the same thing, acting the same way, and cluster together with them.

One of the early investors in the MOOC, shared this site with the Facebook group: http://wallwisher.com, asking us to add our thoughts on e-learning and/or digital culture (the topic of our MOOC). Here’s a snapshot of a wall where “wishes” have been posted, a bit hard to read here, but it’s the general idea that I want to share:

Chris Swift made this wall to post our thoughts on e-learning an digital culture. Cool.

Chris Swift made this wall to post our thoughts on e-learning and digital culture. Cool.

This app is called Wallwisher. I’ve played with it twice now. Of course, I have a soundtrack for this app.

I haven’t been able to get that old song by Rose Royce (1978) out of my head: “Wishing on a Star.” But I insert “I’m wishing on a wall” to replace “I’m wishing on a star.” I want to slightly rewrite the lyrics to fit the MOOC experience so far. (The song has been covered by Beyonce, Jay-Z with Gwen Dickey, Seal, and the X Factor for a charity single–all fun.)

If I ignore the general gist of the lyrics, I can get into the message for ed tech, e-learning, and digital culture. Gentle Reader, if you would play along, please, pretend I’m singing to the actual disembodied MOOC (try to take the time to see me with groovy folks on a stage, something old school and fabulous like this). Perhaps the words might be something along these lines:

I’m wishing on a wall
To follow where you call
I’m wishing on a dream
To follow what it means (repeat)

And I wish on all the readings that I see
I wish on all the people who really dream
And I’m wishing on the MOOC course praying it’ll come
And I’m wishing on all the learnin’ we’ve ever done

I never thought I’d see
A time when you would be
So far away from home
So far away from me*

Just think of all the moments that we’ve spent
I just can’t let you go, for me you were meant
And I really want to learn more, so you know
That in education, you reap what you sow

And so on and so forth, etc.

* So really truly deeply apropos for distance education/e-learning/digital cultures, eh?

You’re with me, right? You’ll never see/hear this song the same again, will you? I hope not.

I’m thinking the lost love that is the focus of the song and the quest to learn are both things we chase after emotionally and sing about. And if we don’t sing about education, then we should. Perhaps we shouldn’t sing about learning at the same time as we are voicing our angst about a lost love, though–that just seems like a mixed message. Unless. Unless we sing about loss AND education, i.e., failing grades. I have a whole semester of Fs in 1982 I could sing about with great feeling. Oh yeah.

Give me a minute, I could come up with lyrics for that.



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5 responses to “I’m wishing on a wall

  1. Great post..I completely forgot about wallwisher. Will find the link to EDCMOOC and post on it.

    Could you please check out my latest blog post and let me know your thoughts? Thanks!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,I love the way you have a song for everything, I do that too! Your Changes playlist was marvellous too. Have you seen the work of one of our course members, Amy Burvall in Hawaii, who rewrites songs to teach about history, Very smart http://www.youtube.com/user/historyteachers
    Thought you might like it…

    • I have Amy’s blog on my roll but haven’t found her work yet! Can’t wait to check this out–thanks, Chris.

    • Chris–you were so right–had a blast watching Amy’s videos. I watched for about two hours! Totally got wrapped up in them. Such fun. See the link now on her EDC MOOC blog to the history teachers youtube channel. So glad you told me about this! Thanks!

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