A MOOC graphic: Visual rhetoric rocks

The World of Massive Open Online Courses
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Thanks, Emily, for sharing this link/graphic. Love it. For anyone interested in seeing the original, visit the link above!



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4 responses to “A MOOC graphic: Visual rhetoric rocks

  1. I also think that (at least in the short run) the MOOCs would increase the digital/knowledge divide among students. My impression is that mostly educated people, seeking professional or personal enrichment or new job opportunities, are the ones taking these classes. I work with many basic skills students and cannot see them having the motivation to pursue a MOOC course. On the other hand, if the MOOC content is used in conjuncture with face-to-face activities/lectures, then it may benefit those students.

    The other thing that I want to see is more professors/lecturers from non-elite universities. While elite universities shine in research, there are many undiscovered stars from the trenches of state universities, community colleges, and the professional world. Teaching/instructional design is a whole different skill set than research.

    • I think you’re right. A student with emerging writing/reading skill for the college level might not get or stay interested in a MOOC. BUT I do like the idea of the core of a MOOC being available to students in f2f classes who are “basic” college students (we have a basic writing program at my school and math, too). That sort of hybrid teaching–and modeled learning by those involved in the MOOC (who might be more proficient or self-motivated learners)–could be a benefit to students who need to see how learning is done and have access to more information/process. I also agree that more schools need to be involved. I expect community colleges will get on board soon–or I hope so. I’m a community college grad and had spectacular learning experiences at all three that I attended. I hope partnerships will spring up between 4-year and 2-year schools to offer MOOCs–that could be amazing. I still remember my math professor from a community college I attended–he changed my life with his remarkable teaching and kindness. I wonder as the MOOC movement gets going if the funding will flow around from elite universities to other educational institutions. Fingers crossed. So glad you brought this up!

  2. you might find this reading posted by Mike Caulfield this week of interest in relation to what you’re discussing here [http://learning.instructure.com/2012/12/reuse-not-production-is-key-to-positive-mooc-impact/] 🙂
    and glad you liked the infographic, I did too 🙂

  3. Fantastic visual! Thanks for sharing!

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