25 minutes to heaven

The Los Lonely Boys ask: “how far is heaven”? in their song: “Heaven.”

I say: 25 minutes. Heaven is 25 minutes from right here. That’s when my first class for the Spring 2013 starts. I love being a teacher. For me, teaching is heaven.

Today, we’re going to talk about storytelling and memory and place. And this spring term will utterly rock. It always does.




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3 responses to “25 minutes to heaven

  1. I look forward to learning about what you did today. I did a research project last year about storytelling and narratives-definitely a passion of mine!

    • I posted some pictures of one of the things we’ve done in class lately (on Facebook): students are divided into two groups by ink color. They write on the board while I sit in the back–two columns: how we tell stories (media) and what kinds of stories we tell (genre), or it generally goes along these lines. It’s a time-constrained process and they students love it–they know this in their hearts and always do magnificently. Then we talk about why we tell stories–we watch some videos on TED about storytelling (the danger of a single story) and listen to several stories. Then we talk about writing and how each thing we write is a story we tell (also they read these two essays from Writing Spaces: http://writingspaces.org/ramsdell–storytelling-narration and http://writingspaces.org/lynch–the-sixth-paragraph. The whole first part of the term is exploring all these aspects, then we look at public stories: monuments, memorials, plaques, etc. Such fun!

      • Thanks for the links, Elizabeth. I will certainly look at them and consider any ideas or suggestions that the articles may suggest. I’ll enjoy the photos, I’m sure!

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